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Haven't posted in awhile

So, I thought I should do so.

Despite the "hard economic times" and the fact that I should be more frugal with my precious money, it's November and that means game release time. So I picked up LittleBig Planet and Valkyria Chronicles for my PS3.
(The PS3 was purchased Aug. 2007, before DOOM DOOM DOOM. It's a US 60gb, jealous?)

If you have a PS3 or access to one, buy these games. Seriously. LBP is amazingly entertaining. Valkyria is the first really good japanese HD gen game out.

I picked up both Boogiepop Phantom (and live action movie) box set and Aria season 1 during a Right Stuf sale. They just arrived today. Winter treadmill watching material. (It was a very good deal, and I wanted to finish out my Boogiepop stuff in english collection.)

I've been keeping up on all the manga that I've been buying. Which is... too many series to list here. Claymore, Hunter x Hunter, D. Gray-man, the last volume of Fairy Cube last week. This week Wild Adapter and Gintama. Recently I grabbed Kieli, which is the best band for your buck you can get. Only 2 volumes long, the manga adaptation of the first book of the light novel series is AWESOME. Yen press is also going to be publishing the light novels next year. It's got everything I like; ghosts, immortals, sci-fi, pirate radio, blood & guts, chain smoking hot guys, and a female protagonist that doesn't suck!

Yeah, I highly recommend it!
Darker than BLACK

My wallet is crying.

I'm a happy camper today.

Funimation has picked up Baccano! Woo! I'm psyched. They clearly want all my money. Between One Piece, Darker than BLACK (which had BETTER HAVE excellent voice acting) and this, Baccano... *sniff*... think I'm gonna cry.

Now I just wish (hope and pray) that there will be a second season of DtB. The original leak was debunked only to have moonphase confirm that they had heard of a second FMA in production months ago. So... hopefully DtB is true as well.

I still wish someone would pick up Dennou Coil, but that seems a very hard sell. (Which it shouldn't be.)
Now I'm in love with Natsume Yuujinchou. Which came out of nowhere and hit me like a sad lonely boy punching youkai in the face.
Darker than BLACK

Anime Post: Rumors, Picks, & Stuff

A rumor, a leak, and a list of names and numbers. FMA, I'm not sure how they would pull that off. Or even if it should be done. They diverged so much from the manga, and the manga is nowhere near done. I, personally, am a manga fan and don't know how this can/could be done.

Darker than BLACK though. Please, yes please! I loved that show dearly! *points at avatar* (One of the few. Most people just think it's boring.) A prequel/sequel would be best. (I'm not gonna post on my thoughts of what/who it could be about due to spoilers.) As long as it has a somewhat happy ending... or indifferent ending (like the first season) I'll be okay with it. Oh, and bring some answers this time guys!

EDIT: Bones says "it's all lies" Weird. Very weird. Then they go on to say 'yeah, but... we'd totally like to make more of those two shows.' GAH! Stop toying with my emotions BONES!

Funi finally gave the release date for the first disc of Darker than Black. 11/25/08.... oi. Happy birthday to me. Wish it wasn't so late though.

Meanwhile... Expo news had lead to Funimation picking up a pile of Geneon releases, and picking up a pile of ADV releases. Holy crap! Funi is on FIRE! (I'm eternally greatful to Funi for One Piece.)

More titles seem to be headed for air on Scifi. I remember back in the day when Scifi used to air Iria and other OVA series on Saturday mornings. Tactics aired on their anime block earlier this year (which I'm sure boosted it's manga sales and kept it off the chopping block for a second time.) I'm still bitter at SciFi, but one thing is for sure, it's doing a good thing for anime lately.
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Tokyopop's Epic Douchebagery Crisis

Tokyopop. Well, you reap what you sow, it's just a shame you took down good people in the process.
(grinds teeth)
Cutting published material by half. We all assume that this means series are going to get axed. So! It's time to go down my list and see what I'm currently buying and what it's chances of survival.

List of fear
Tactics - Edited by Lillian, who I don't think was laid off.
Aria - Ditto.. both titles already rescued once. I don't think they could survive another chance.
GetBackers - I stopped reading awhile ago, but I hope it's safe.
Saiyuki Reload - I think this sells well, and Lillian is the editor.
Pet Show of Horrors: Tokyo - Unsure about this. I mean, it just started coming out.
King of Thorn - The editor was let go. Volume 5 should already have been proofed to go to press. It's only six volumes long. They'd better not drop it.
QWAN - Oi, who knows?

Not Manga:
King City - only 2 volumes long, I'm hoping that his contract is secure. One of the Editors was laid off.
Labyrinth - Henson Contract
Dark Crystal - ditto... so I have no clues. (Editor was let go though.)
Shutterbox - Safe as far as Rikki knows. (Wrote so on his blog.)
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OH WOW... a post!

Greenwood! OH WOW! Here is Greenwood is gonna be a live action series! I hope it's as crack induced as Hana-kimi was last year.

Funi just recently said they JUST started work on Darker than BLACK. They just got the materials from the producers. OI.

Dear Funi, who I love so much for making One Piece KICK ASS like it should, please... PLEASE.... do a fantastic job. Mushishi was great, One Piece was great, (fingers crossed.)
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A Slow Burn and Manga

I've owned my own domain for 6 months now, for ten bucks, and by september it'll cost me $120 to keep it for a another year. And I'm sitting on it because I'm a moron with a lack of time.

It will become before the month is out, the "Out of Space Manga Blog". I'm planning on posting series overviews, summaries, and reviews there for my 400 volume + manga collection. Yeah! It'll be located on my paperseagulls.com domain. Trust me, the reviews will be far more complex then the random list of purchases I put up on here.

Now I just have to finish designing (modifying) the wordpress template I want to use. Gah.

Purchases this week:

- Tactics #4 (My Tactics anime boxset came in. $25 bucks on sale at RightStuf last month!)
- Excel Saga!!! #17!
- The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Wind (Not manga, novel.)

I picked up Twelve Kingdoms volume 2 yesterday and finished it tonight. The anime was very faithful to the book. It was nice to see what Taiki was thinking during the whole ordeal though, and as usual it clarifies things the anime doesn't.

Now, someone just needs to pick up and translate Baccano!
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"It's the papers that got small!" & other things

So, I've got a coworker... wait.... let me start that again. I have a coworker who is very much into comics. Probably much or more so than I am into manga. He is also an artist and draws comics. He wants to start a project, using an old half finished start of a story of mine as a script. All well and good, till he tells me to write a treatment and sends me on my merry way to attempt to dig up any and all information I may have created on the damn thing.

So I'm digging through the bottom of my closet which is a collection of crates. In these crates are piles of... everything. Underneath about ten years of old calendars (I swear I'm not this much of a pack rat, it's just they have pretty pictures) I found 3 newspapers. 3 whole newspapers. One from 2003. One from 2000. One from 1995! The one from 95, after reading through the whole thing, has no viable information in it. I cannot figure out why I kept it, except for, apparently, myself in today's world to find it and ponder it.

I could not have foreseen as my 14 year old self that I would one day be working for that paper. Thus, this has been an amusing discovery.

Things I learned from a 13 year old paper:
#1. Design elements that would be cries for bloody murder, and have been, were common place in 95. (It has a RAIL! *gasp* But only the Mariner's have rails! BOLD FRANKLIN! NOT IN MY HEADLINES!)
#2. The film review shmuck has been around FAR LONGER than I ever thought. Oh shit. Time to give him more credit.
#3. I miss Filenes greatly. As do I miss other things advertised that no longer exist.
#4. The 'speak out' column was surprisingly civil and none combustive.

Which leads me to my greatest realization. The customers and readers of the paper, today, are COMPLETE ASSHOLES compared to 1995. "The paper is smaller, the paper has less hard news, it's all ads! YOU GUYS SUCK! BLAH BLAH!" No, the paper is not smaller. We run two editions now! The paper has only gotten bigger. The amount of ads is the SAME, though the companies and design elements have totally changed. We have more hard news now, because the town actual has stuff going on right now. Shocker. The speak out today is a mass of bitching, moaning, finger pointing.

People today, in today's world... are jerks!

Is it the economy? People are bitter and angry and stupid. Can I blame the Bush administration for angry speak out callers? Because... I can't see any other answer for this

This week's (last weeks) manga purchases:
- Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo #1: Otherwise known as New Petshop of Horrors. Picking up in 2005, the clothes have changed style but Count D is still selling pets to unsuspecting victims. And he has a new adversary in his landlord. Cool.
- Wild Adaptor #4: Haven't read it yet, but Minekura's work is all the same. Pretty boys brooding and plenty of swearing (for the english adaptations).
- Mushishi #3: Del Rey is actually going to pick up the release rate a bit. Thank god. Most of these I've already seen animated, but it's still nice to have them in book form.

On order from Right Stuf!: Young Magician 9 and 10, and Tactics box set. WHICH WAS ON SALE FOR $25! That's a buck an episode! Though the anime isn't as interesting (insane) as the manga, I couldn't turn that down.
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The Manga Drought

I have some stuff saved in a Right Stuf! shopping cart that I need to purchase. To finish off Pieces of a Spiral, Blame!, and to catch up on Young Magician.

Which I could bite the bullet and buy now while they are all in stock, or take my chances and wait for a sale. Hmm.

I've suspended on buying some series. No more Getbackers (I used to buy Getbackers when nothing else was out) and no more Tsubasa. Neither release gets color plates in first editions so they can be put on hold indefinitely. I should get rid of some books I never plan on reading again, or buying or continuing. (Brave Story, first 3 volumes of Basara are kicking around along with a few other odds and ends. I think DN Angel 1 is floating around somewhere too.) Hmm... should I donate to the library I wonder?

So why the drought? Most of the series I read are actually caught up to the japanese releases at this point. (Or close to it.) D. Gray-man, Excel Saga, FMA, Claymore, Saiyuki Reload etc. Many are on a slow release schedule to not outpace the japanese release. (Aventura... only two volumes out in japan!) Some series I'm close to finishing and they will be complete by summer. (Hana-kimi.)

I guess this is all a good thing as it's forcing me to buy less. A few new titles coming out that I want to pick up are short run series.

Last Weeks manga purchase:
- D. Gray-Man #8.

I also bought C.S Friedman's new book because it's out in paperback. "Feast of Souls." Waiting for paperback was a great idea because DAMN, the hardcover art was ugly compared to the paperback!