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Haven't posted in awhile   
07:22pm 06/11/2008
  So, I thought I should do so.

Despite the "hard economic times" and the fact that I should be more frugal with my precious money, it's November and that means game release time. So I picked up LittleBig Planet and Valkyria Chronicles for my PS3.
(The PS3 was purchased Aug. 2007, before DOOM DOOM DOOM. It's a US 60gb, jealous?)

If you have a PS3 or access to one, buy these games. Seriously. LBP is amazingly entertaining. Valkyria is the first really good japanese HD gen game out.

I picked up both Boogiepop Phantom (and live action movie) box set and Aria season 1 during a Right Stuf sale. They just arrived today. Winter treadmill watching material. (It was a very good deal, and I wanted to finish out my Boogiepop stuff in english collection.)

I've been keeping up on all the manga that I've been buying. Which is... too many series to list here. Claymore, Hunter x Hunter, D. Gray-man, the last volume of Fairy Cube last week. This week Wild Adapter and Gintama. Recently I grabbed Kieli, which is the best band for your buck you can get. Only 2 volumes long, the manga adaptation of the first book of the light novel series is AWESOME. Yen press is also going to be publishing the light novels next year. It's got everything I like; ghosts, immortals, sci-fi, pirate radio, blood & guts, chain smoking hot guys, and a female protagonist that doesn't suck!

Yeah, I highly recommend it!
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Worst Idea I've ever Heard   
05:59pm 18/09/2008
  Dingbats want to continue to write Hitchhiker's Guide books.

What the FUCK?!?!
My wallet is crying.   
08:38am 22/07/2008
  I'm a happy camper today.

Funimation has picked up Baccano! Woo! I'm psyched. They clearly want all my money. Between One Piece, Darker than BLACK (which had BETTER HAVE excellent voice acting) and this, Baccano... *sniff*... think I'm gonna cry.

Now I just wish (hope and pray) that there will be a second season of DtB. The original leak was debunked only to have moonphase confirm that they had heard of a second FMA in production months ago. So... hopefully DtB is true as well.

I still wish someone would pick up Dennou Coil, but that seems a very hard sell. (Which it shouldn't be.)
Now I'm in love with Natsume Yuujinchou. Which came out of nowhere and hit me like a sad lonely boy punching youkai in the face.
Anime Post: Rumors, Picks, & Stuff   
10:22am 05/07/2008
  A rumor, a leak, and a list of names and numbers. FMA, I'm not sure how they would pull that off. Or even if it should be done. They diverged so much from the manga, and the manga is nowhere near done. I, personally, am a manga fan and don't know how this can/could be done.

Darker than BLACK though. Please, yes please! I loved that show dearly! *points at avatar* (One of the few. Most people just think it's boring.) A prequel/sequel would be best. (I'm not gonna post on my thoughts of what/who it could be about due to spoilers.) As long as it has a somewhat happy ending... or indifferent ending (like the first season) I'll be okay with it. Oh, and bring some answers this time guys!

EDIT: Bones says "it's all lies" Weird. Very weird. Then they go on to say 'yeah, but... we'd totally like to make more of those two shows.' GAH! Stop toying with my emotions BONES!

Funi finally gave the release date for the first disc of Darker than Black. 11/25/08.... oi. Happy birthday to me. Wish it wasn't so late though.

Meanwhile... Expo news had lead to Funimation picking up a pile of Geneon releases, and picking up a pile of ADV releases. Holy crap! Funi is on FIRE! (I'm eternally greatful to Funi for One Piece.)

More titles seem to be headed for air on Scifi. I remember back in the day when Scifi used to air Iria and other OVA series on Saturday mornings. Tactics aired on their anime block earlier this year (which I'm sure boosted it's manga sales and kept it off the chopping block for a second time.) I'm still bitter at SciFi, but one thing is for sure, it's doing a good thing for anime lately.
Tokyopop's Epic Douchebagery Crisis   
03:04pm 05/06/2008
  Tokyopop. Well, you reap what you sow, it's just a shame you took down good people in the process.
(grinds teeth)
Cutting published material by half. We all assume that this means series are going to get axed. So! It's time to go down my list and see what I'm currently buying and what it's chances of survival.

List of fear
Tactics - Edited by Lillian, who I don't think was laid off.
Aria - Ditto.. both titles already rescued once. I don't think they could survive another chance.
GetBackers - I stopped reading awhile ago, but I hope it's safe.
Saiyuki Reload - I think this sells well, and Lillian is the editor.
Pet Show of Horrors: Tokyo - Unsure about this. I mean, it just started coming out.
King of Thorn - The editor was let go. Volume 5 should already have been proofed to go to press. It's only six volumes long. They'd better not drop it.
QWAN - Oi, who knows?

Not Manga:
King City - only 2 volumes long, I'm hoping that his contract is secure. One of the Editors was laid off.
Labyrinth - Henson Contract
Dark Crystal - ditto... so I have no clues. (Editor was let go though.)
Shutterbox - Safe as far as Rikki knows. (Wrote so on his blog.)
OH WOW... a post!   
08:15pm 17/05/2008
  Greenwood! OH WOW! Here is Greenwood is gonna be a live action series! I hope it's as crack induced as Hana-kimi was last year.

Funi just recently said they JUST started work on Darker than BLACK. They just got the materials from the producers. OI.

Dear Funi, who I love so much for making One Piece KICK ASS like it should, please... PLEASE.... do a fantastic job. Mushishi was great, One Piece was great, (fingers crossed.)
Anime on DVD   
11:48pm 07/04/2008
  Wow. Anime on DVD is kinda... selling out.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.
A Slow Burn and Manga   
01:06am 15/03/2008
  I've owned my own domain for 6 months now, for ten bucks, and by september it'll cost me $120 to keep it for a another year. And I'm sitting on it because I'm a moron with a lack of time.

It will become before the month is out, the "Out of Space Manga Blog". I'm planning on posting series overviews, summaries, and reviews there for my 400 volume + manga collection. Yeah! It'll be located on my paperseagulls.com domain. Trust me, the reviews will be far more complex then the random list of purchases I put up on here.

Now I just have to finish designing (modifying) the wordpress template I want to use. Gah.

Purchases this week:

- Tactics #4 (My Tactics anime boxset came in. $25 bucks on sale at RightStuf last month!)
- Excel Saga!!! #17!
- The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Wind (Not manga, novel.)

I picked up Twelve Kingdoms volume 2 yesterday and finished it tonight. The anime was very faithful to the book. It was nice to see what Taiki was thinking during the whole ordeal though, and as usual it clarifies things the anime doesn't.

Now, someone just needs to pick up and translate Baccano!
"It's the papers that got small!" & other things   
12:09am 18/02/2008
  So, I've got a coworker... wait.... let me start that again. I have a coworker who is very much into comics. Probably much or more so than I am into manga. He is also an artist and draws comics. He wants to start a project, using an old half finished start of a story of mine as a script. All well and good, till he tells me to write a treatment and sends me on my merry way to attempt to dig up any and all information I may have created on the damn thing.

So I'm digging through the bottom of my closet which is a collection of crates. In these crates are piles of... everything. Underneath about ten years of old calendars (I swear I'm not this much of a pack rat, it's just they have pretty pictures) I found 3 newspapers. 3 whole newspapers. One from 2003. One from 2000. One from 1995! The one from 95, after reading through the whole thing, has no viable information in it. I cannot figure out why I kept it, except for, apparently, myself in today's world to find it and ponder it.

I could not have foreseen as my 14 year old self that I would one day be working for that paper. Thus, this has been an amusing discovery.

Things I learned from a 13 year old paper:
#1. Design elements that would be cries for bloody murder, and have been, were common place in 95. (It has a RAIL! *gasp* But only the Mariner's have rails! BOLD FRANKLIN! NOT IN MY HEADLINES!)
#2. The film review shmuck has been around FAR LONGER than I ever thought. Oh shit. Time to give him more credit.
#3. I miss Filenes greatly. As do I miss other things advertised that no longer exist.
#4. The 'speak out' column was surprisingly civil and none combustive.

Which leads me to my greatest realization. The customers and readers of the paper, today, are COMPLETE ASSHOLES compared to 1995. "The paper is smaller, the paper has less hard news, it's all ads! YOU GUYS SUCK! BLAH BLAH!" No, the paper is not smaller. We run two editions now! The paper has only gotten bigger. The amount of ads is the SAME, though the companies and design elements have totally changed. We have more hard news now, because the town actual has stuff going on right now. Shocker. The speak out today is a mass of bitching, moaning, finger pointing.

People today, in today's world... are jerks!

Is it the economy? People are bitter and angry and stupid. Can I blame the Bush administration for angry speak out callers? Because... I can't see any other answer for this

This week's (last weeks) manga purchases:
- Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo #1: Otherwise known as New Petshop of Horrors. Picking up in 2005, the clothes have changed style but Count D is still selling pets to unsuspecting victims. And he has a new adversary in his landlord. Cool.
- Wild Adaptor #4: Haven't read it yet, but Minekura's work is all the same. Pretty boys brooding and plenty of swearing (for the english adaptations).
- Mushishi #3: Del Rey is actually going to pick up the release rate a bit. Thank god. Most of these I've already seen animated, but it's still nice to have them in book form.

On order from Right Stuf!: Young Magician 9 and 10, and Tactics box set. WHICH WAS ON SALE FOR $25! That's a buck an episode! Though the anime isn't as interesting (insane) as the manga, I couldn't turn that down.
The Manga Drought   
12:44am 02/02/2008
  I have some stuff saved in a Right Stuf! shopping cart that I need to purchase. To finish off Pieces of a Spiral, Blame!, and to catch up on Young Magician.

Which I could bite the bullet and buy now while they are all in stock, or take my chances and wait for a sale. Hmm.

I've suspended on buying some series. No more Getbackers (I used to buy Getbackers when nothing else was out) and no more Tsubasa. Neither release gets color plates in first editions so they can be put on hold indefinitely. I should get rid of some books I never plan on reading again, or buying or continuing. (Brave Story, first 3 volumes of Basara are kicking around along with a few other odds and ends. I think DN Angel 1 is floating around somewhere too.) Hmm... should I donate to the library I wonder?

So why the drought? Most of the series I read are actually caught up to the japanese releases at this point. (Or close to it.) D. Gray-man, Excel Saga, FMA, Claymore, Saiyuki Reload etc. Many are on a slow release schedule to not outpace the japanese release. (Aventura... only two volumes out in japan!) Some series I'm close to finishing and they will be complete by summer. (Hana-kimi.)

I guess this is all a good thing as it's forcing me to buy less. A few new titles coming out that I want to pick up are short run series.

Last Weeks manga purchase:
- D. Gray-Man #8.

I also bought C.S Friedman's new book because it's out in paperback. "Feast of Souls." Waiting for paperback was a great idea because DAMN, the hardcover art was ugly compared to the paperback!
Really not a happy camper.   
09:20pm 22/01/2008
mood: melancholy
I'm both pissed and saddened by Heath Ledgers death. I'm a big Knight's Tale fan, and this was just the crappy endcap to a day that just dragged on and on and on.

I couldn't even find any manga out recently to distract myself. Woe.
Tech Talk   
04:58pm 12/01/2008
  I've been feeling a bit silly and decided to see how far I could get some sharing to go between my Mac and my PS3.

Early today I was playing Terranigma on my Mac with my PS3 sixaxis controller.

I downloaded the trial for this cool little thing called MediaLink which shares stuff to your PS3 from you Mac. It's not without it's problems though. Any song bought of iTunes is copy protected and the PS3 can't play it. Album art is supposed to show up but... it's not at least on mine. PS3 won't play anything with a .mov either and unfortunately a lot of stuff pre-flip4Mac days I changed to .mov to get it to play. Also, it dropped my connection during my test run.

The last episode of Hana-Kimi, I was able to stream that to my 42" Aquos off my Mac. It was awesome. For that reason alone I may have to pay the 20 bucks to buy Medialink.

Technology is fun.
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Tomorrow's News Today   
11:39pm 25/12/2007
  It's about time.

Finally, some news on Early Edition on DVD.

Long story short. About 10 (holy crap!) years ago now I started an Early Edition website called EEAC (Early Edition Awareness Cause) to be one of the few, the proud, the really ugly Early Edition fansites on the internet. (We had no intarwebz back then, only internet.)

I can't believe that show was on in 1996. Damn. Especially funny now considering I work at a newspaper now and essentially do get tomorrow's news today. Ha! Take that!

Maybe I should update the site. Hmmm.
Merry X-Mas to All, and to all Moneyhats!   
12:33pm 24/12/2007
  Excuse the long, rambling thing I'm about to write. I really have no where else to post this reflection.

I've had a lot of pipe dreams over the years. They are the kind of things that you daydream about when all else around you is boring. One of my favorite pipe daydreams in college was having a movie studio in my own town and making crazy stuff locally. Eventually I graduated with my Comm. Media degree and realized that I had no desire to movie to California or New York and ended up at the newspaper after awhile. My pipe daydream turned to what most people's is- winning the lottery. Which lead to the pipe daydream all my friends share, opening the world's (or at least states) greatest comic book store. Equally absurd, but most of my friends think it would be a joy to be stupid rich and run a comic book store that could stock everything.

I nearly forgot about my first pipe dream, till stuff like this started happening.

Then we have the real crux. Will this ever happen? Do I want this to happen? Do I believe it'll happen?

Town's kinda gotten big over my lifetime. I mean, cerca 1600 there were probably 3,000 people living in the area. Then by this time 1621 it was like, 52 plus whoever was left of the native population. When my mom was a kid there was only about 10,000 people living here. Now it's close to 58,000!!! Granted, this is a big fucking town but...

I love this quote though: “I don’t want to be reading in the Old Colony Memorial that Nicole Richie had a bad night at the Ming Dynasty,” Planning Board member Loring Tripp.

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This week's manga and a brief Tsubasa news bite.   
12:09am 10/12/2007
  I hang out at Arlong Park Forums for One Piece goofiness and such. It was recently reported that the casting information on the latest episode was incorrect as the voice actor listed for Gan Fall had actually been recast before the recording. The reason why is very unfortunate. Randy Tallman was originally cast as Gan Fall. He, my condolences, passed away a few weeks back.

This effects any future dubbing of Tsubasa, for those out there who watch the english dub or plan to pick up the OVA's when they eventually are licensed and released. Randy Tallman was the VA for Fei Wong Reed.

Manga this week:
- Aventura #1: Harry Potter has run the magic school plot into the ground, but the art was so cute I couldn't pass it up. It has a high elf as one of the leads! Unfortunately, the manga is so new I have no idea where the plot is going, if it's going to be any good, or anything else for that matter. It'll be a slow release.
- Excel Saga #16: Bought it off rightstuf finally.
- Hana-Kimi #20: Viz... just hurry up and finish the series already. Please. I'm tired of collecting it and I just want it over.
- Tactics #3: Holy shit plot! Plot finally showed up! Hi plot, how you doing? Art is getting better too. Thank god. Oh hey, Sci-fi channel will be airing the anime soon, how random is that? (I don't have cable so... oh well.)

Anime this week:
What huh? Yeah, rare of me to do this.
- Mushishi #3 & #4: I usually buy this at Best Buy for 20 bucks when it comes out, but for some reason #3 never arrived at the store. They had #4, I saw it there today, but I had already bought it on rightstuf during the sale last week. Love mushishi so much.
- IRIA: Random purchase. I saw this years ago (1999!) on sci-fi channel and always wanted to pick it up. Old OVA anime! Woo!
The vacation that was not and Manga.   
10:26pm 28/11/2007
  This week I took vacation. Monday I woke up with tonsillitis. So I've been sick all week and alternating between wanting to kill my unknown assailiant and trying to swallow.

I really want a do over.

Last week's manga purchases:

- Pumpkin Scissors #1: Despite the fact no one liked the anime, I felt the need to read something with tanks.
- Legend of the Dark Crystal #1: This is really well drawn, though the story is rather simplistic so far. 3 artists worked on the title, yet you'd be hard pressed to notice a difference as it blends seamlessly. (Not manga but close enough.)

My webcomic pick of the week:
The Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton.
Ellerton wrote/drew Inverloch, but with that wrapping up she was already hard at work on Requiem, her next project. While other webcomic artists take weeks to produce a single page of such high quality (*cough*Eversummer eve*cough*), Ellerton pumps out sets of pages in a single update. I mean, the comic only started a few months ago and it's already at page 43! (Holy crap, she updated as I'm writing this! It was only up to page 40 before!)

Seriously, check it out.
Wowness: Violinist of Hameln returns??!?   
10:50am 20/11/2007
  This is rather wow.

I've been trying to read through the original series and for the life of me I can't figure out how the damn series went on for 37 volumes or whatever. (I'm only about 5 volumes in, so I'm assuming it gets better...)

All's fair game in love and money making, right?
Cool Stuff Ahoy!   
11:37pm 07/11/2007
  So, Harmonix, the local (sorta) game creators of Guitar Hero (!1& 2) and FreQuency and Amplitude and the new Rock Band were at work on a super secret project which turned out to be...


Which is basically a scalled down version of FreQuency on the go. On your iPod. Which will make a level out of any song. Which is HOTT.

Also, a Persona 3 anime is in development! But it doesn't retell the game story, it's set 10 years in the future. There's some good pedigree behind the development team so here's hoping for something awesome!

"And because everyone else is doing it..."
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Go ahead writers, go ahead and strike.   
10:37pm 03/11/2007
  So the writers guild is going to strike. And I think that in the end this is only going to hurt the writers.

Because, honestly, most shit on TV just sucks. Scripted or not. Cliche, trite, idiotic, boring or whatever. It makes me wonder where the hell the good writers went. Newsradio writers, where are you? (Oh shit, Paul Simms was a consultant on "Flight of the Conchords." I heard that was awesome. Good for him!) Early Simpsons writers, hey? (Conan.. well, I know where he is.) Savage Steve Holland, stop produce stupid disney shit and make something awesome! (Oh shit, he is!)

I guess my argument is falling apart.

I still think TV is screwed. Here's what I recommend to the networks.

[My Pitch]
"I have this great show for you! 25 half hour episodes long, already shot. All you have to do is pay a license fee! The plot is similiar to Heroes, except the people with super powers are government assassins, like 24! You guys like Heroes and 24, people love that stuff! It has attractive male and female leads and an excellent soundtrack by a renowned composer!"

Yeah, I want to see American network TV desperate enough to air primetime anime. Imagine Darker than Black on CBS and Aria on ABC. (Ok, Aria hasn't been licensed.) Black Lagoon on Fox? They love cartoons there.
This week's stuff and junk.   
11:21am 31/10/2007
  No manga this week? But.... stuff is coming out! Yeah, yeah, I'm busy compiling a list of every manga I own and it's OVER 400!!! I've been cross checking them with the "Manga: The Complete Guides" ratings. What everyone said about that book is true. It's awesome, concise and precise. Every point they make about titles is true.

Oddly enough, the worst rated manga I own is actually Yami no Matsuei. (One star. Ouch.) They call it schizophrenic. They would be correct.

Oddly enough they didn't say the art was uneven.

Otherwise, I only picked up two paperback sci-fi/fantasy novels. "Empire of Ivory" which is book 4 of the Temeraire series. The size/scale ratio fuckups still drive me nuts. How can a fucking dragon fly, fight, and carry on a coversation while carrying a hundred fucking people? Come on.
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